Blockchain Technology: Helping to Transform Wealth Management & Insurance Operations
Join the discussion with leading blockchain experts from R3 and TigerRisk. Blockchain technology is beginning its implementation across the financial services sector. Two segments which need blockchain’s increased efficiency include the wealth management and insurance industries. This forum brought to you by LendIt and strategic partner Byte Academy will focus on how blockchain can help lessen the lengthy contract processes, as well as improve transparency across all parties involved in a transaction.

Our experts will discuss:

How to begin blockchain implementation today to transform how wealth managers and insurers operate their businesses.

Streamlining manual work processes for optimal time management using blockchain technology.

Ongoing changes to the insurance back office function including contracts, premium flow and claims processing.

How blockchain can introduce efficiency in the process to reduce cost, errors and make it more robust and trustworthy.

How Blockchain/DLT can tackle current implementation challenges.

Jayant khadilkar
Jayant Khadilkar
Global Head of Analytics and Technology
Tiger Risk
Ryan rugg
Ryan Rugg
Head of North American
Webinar Closed
Monday, August 14
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)
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