Investor Opportunities in Non-Prime Lending
This LendIt Forum will focus on the investment opportunities in non prime lending. Speakers on the forum, from Monroe Capital, Clarity Services, Inc. etc. will look at the profile of non prime borrowers and how this borrower is not a risky investment. These experts on non prime credit data will focus on why this particular borrower is a good investment, how alternative data can be used to better assess the borrower's risk and the types of return investors can get when making this investment.

Topics include:

What does the non prime borrower look like?

Why are traditional credit metrics not the best indicator of risk

What are the best investment opportunities in the non prime space?

What is the ideal interest rate for the non prime borrower

James zhang nerwallet
James Zhang
Head of Personal Loans
Aaron peck.psd th
Aaron Peck
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager – Opportunistic Private Credit
Monroe Capital
Tim ranney
Tim Ranney
President and Chief Executive Officer
Fintech Credit Innovations, Inc.
Webinar Closed
Wednesday, February 22
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (ET)
Hashtag: #LendItForums