Mike Sobek
CEO and Co-FoundermedZero
Michael (Mike) Sobek is the co-founder and CEO of medZERO, the nation’s first mobile payments and lending platform created to support employees who are struggling to pay their high deductible, healthcare bills at Zero % APR or fees.

Mike’s background includes over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur creating companies who build and operate new products and services in mobile Fintech, healthcare benefits, banking, card processing, and the telecommunications industry. These companies include the founding of Store Financial (now EML Payments), an international payments processor whose clients have included some of the largest retailers in the world such as Target, Shell Oil, Etsy, and Cadillac Fairview in Canada, as well as, annual processing of $5 billion of healthcare, virtual card payments in partnership with UMB Healthcare services.

Mike was a founding partner in the creation of Card Compliant to service escheat for abandoned funds on gift cards and accelerate the recognition of revenues. He was also the founder and President of ICSI, a banking and credit union software, card processing, and settlement services company supporting financial institutions across the US.

Before healthcare benefits and banking systems, Michael started his career at Sprint, pre-Internet, where he participated as broadband architect for the initial design, delivery and national account sales of the world’s first Internet-based, national broadband network services, initially procured by US federal agencies including the Department of Defense, NASA, and Department of Energy.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas, plus he has been awarded patents in card processing architecture and messaging protocols.