Jennifer Tescher
President and CEOFinancial Health Network
Jennifer Tescher is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Financial Health Network, the nation’s authority on financial health. The Financial Health Network is a trusted resource for business leaders, policymakers, and innovators united in a mission to improve financial health for all.

Tescher founded the Financial Health Network in 2004 to champion increased access to high-quality financial products and services for underserved consumers. Over two decades, she has cultivated a robust network of relationships to raise the profile of financial health. Tescher is a nationally recognized thought leader on consumer financial health, contributing regularly to Forbes and frequently lending quotes to high-level consumer and financial press. She is a sought-after speaker across a broad spectrum of industry and policy convenings, including Collision, the Aspen Institute, Fortune CEO Initiative, Money 20/20, and the Department of the Treasury.

In 2008, she extended her vision of financial health to launch Financial Health Network’s first annual conference “EMERGE: The Financial Health Forum,” which presents cutting-edge thought leadership on financial health, and showcases innovators, executives, and emerging companies across multiple industries.

Tescher received undergraduate and graduate degrees in journalism from Northwestern University and a public policy degree from the University of Chicago. She currently lives in Chicago with her husband, Jonathan Eig, and her children, Lillian, Lola and Jeffery.