Explore the complexities of our rapidly changing world through insightful sessions focused on the most important trends in banking and lending.

Day 1 Tracks

Digital Banking

Credit and Underwriting During the Pandemic

How Regulation Can Keep Up With Fintech

Day 1 • September 29, 2020

Digital Banking - The Epicenter of Fintech Innovation

The hottest segment in all of fintech today is digital banking. The crisis has only underscored the importance of moving to all digital. Digital banks have added millions of customers and attracted huge amounts of equity capital. We pull the curtain back and investigate how the pandemic has helped to accelerate the move to digital. How long can this pace of growth be sustained? How will digital banks become profitable? Will the big banks just acquire their way to relevance?

Day 2 Tracks

Consumer Lending

Fintech Debt & Equity Investing

Applying Fintech to Financial Health

Day 2 • September 30, 2020

Consumer Lending: Dealing With the Crisis

Sponsored by FICO

The consumer lending landscape of today looks very different to where we were earlier this year. Lenders have battened down the hatches as survival has become the name of the game. But some lenders are not just surviving but thriving. Find out the strategies lenders are focusing on today and what areas are seeing new growth.

Day 3 Tracks

Powering the Small Business Lending Ecosystem

Transformation of Real Estate Tech and Lending

Embedded Finance: POS, Fraud, Workflows and More

Day 3 • October 1, 2020

Powering the Small Business Lending Ecosystem

No sector of fintech has been more impacted by the crisis than small business lending. Previously healthy businesses are struggling like never before even with the government programs. How are fintech lenders adapting? How are lenders helping beyond providing finance as access to timely data has never been more important as new ecosystems are being built. What are the positives that will come out of the pandemic for small business?