Explore the complexities of our rapidly changing world through insightful sessions focused on the most important trends in banking and lending.


Day 1 Track Overview

Credit and Underwriting Innovation

Digital Banking

Applying Fintech to Financial Health

Investing: Equity and Fintech Valuation

Investing: Opportunities for Debt Investors

Embedded Finance: The Next Big Idea

The Fintech Lending Triple Play - POS, Credit Cards, Loans

Day 1 • September 30, 2020

Credit and Underwriting Innovation

Technology continues to rewrite the rules when it comes to underwriting. With increased competition lenders must focus on how to better underwrite and reach quality borrowers efficiently. Alternative data, AI, open banking, international data, digital identity, trended data - learn from the companies doing the groundbreaking work to build the underwriting tools for the next decade.

Day 2 Track Overview

Consumer Lending

Powering the Small Business Lending Ecosystem

DeFi and Blockchain: The New Frontier

Transformation of Real Estate Tech and Lending

The Next Generation of Data and Analytics

How Regulation Can Keep Up With Fintech

Day 2 • October 1, 2020

Consumer Lending: Mainstream But Still Innovating

Consumer loans is one of the most mature segments in all of fintech but there is still innovation happening. Many of the leaders are coming out with new products, new approaches to credit and new marketing programs. More banks than ever are offering consumer loans as they plug into the technology developed by some of the fintech pioneers.