Wim van der Beek
Founder & Managing PartnerGoodwell Investments
Wim is founder and managing partner of Goodwell Investments, a pioneering investment firm focused on financial inclusion, fintech and other sectors that focus on the mass markets. With 5 teams in Africa and India, Goodwell provides early stage equity to high growth high impact businesses, with a heavy focus on the digital economy. Their top quartile returns and 10+ years track record show that commercial success and impact can go together.

Goodwell’s 25 portfolio companies provide USD 1.7 billion in finance to over 12 million households and employ 35,000 staff members. Fintech portfolio companies include Paga, Nomanini, Musoni Systems, Oradian, MFS Africa and EPS.

Wim has 30 years of experience in private equity/VC and the financial sector. He was connected to the net before it was called the web, founded a fintech before it became a common term, and started making impact investments before that term was coined. He loves to have a chat about what is next.