Don Davis
CEO & Portfolio ManagerPrime Meridian
Don Davis is the CEO and Portfolio Manager of Prime Meridian Capital Management. As a seasoned industry veteran and skilled portfolio manager, Mr. Davis applies his knowledge, conservative management principles, and hands-on expertise to the day-to-day management of the firm. Mr. Davis has been a top ranked portfolio manager multiple times throughout his career, more recently in 2017 when Prime Meridian was named Top Fund Manager during the Lendit Fintech awards, as well as previously as President and Portfolio Manager of Novus Investments, LLC (“Novus”), when Novus was ranked #1 in the US for total performance over both a 5 and a 7 year period from 2007-2013. Mr. Davis is also a recognized speaker in the marketplace lending institutional investing space featured at: Bloomberg, LendIt, American Bankers Association, Forbes, IMN, Emerging Manager Forum, AltInvest, LendAcademy, the P2P Lending Investing Summit; and John Lothian News. Mr. Davis resides in the San Francisco Bay area and is actively involved in local charities with a special interest in assisting disadvantaged children, the disabled, and veterans.