Xitai Sheng
FounderAngelPlus (Hongtai Fund)
Xitai (Teger) Sheng is the founder of AngelPlus (Hongtai Fund), the president of Hongtai Capital Holdings. Mr. Sheng is an expert banker in investment banking industry, and was formerly president of Huatai Securities Company before establishing AngelPlus (Hongtai Fund).

Xitai (Teger) Sheng and Minhong Yu co-founded AngelPlus (Hongtai Fund) in 2014. Within three years, AngelPlus (Hongtai Fund) becomes a leading investment group who provides diversification strategies in China, its core eco business covering from investment management, entrepreneurial consulting service, wealth management, to consumer credit investigation. AngelPlus (Hongtai Fund) has built a whole life-cycle investment management platform, including venture capital investment, private equity investment and merger & acquisition. AngelPlus (Hongtai Fund) has nearly 10 billion RMB assets under management, and has invested hundreds company worldwide. AngelPlus (Hongtai Fund) mainly invests in consumer upgrade, artificial intelligence/ big data, Fintech, entertainment, and pan-internet in early investment, focus on advance manufacture, healthcare and new consumption in growth, NEEQ, Pre-IPO and buyout investment. Particularly for the angel investment, many small firms Mr. Sheng invested in has grown to Unicorns or becoming unicorn (quasi-unicorn), such as Huimin, IntelliCredit, 51Credit Card, Kunlun Fight, Smarter Finance (Yongqianbao), Singlera Genomics, Werewolf, DaVdian (MAMA+), etc. Therefore Mr. Sheng was awarded as “Zero2ipo Annual Top 10 Angel Investors” in 2015, “ChinaVenture Annual Top 30 Angel Investors” in 2017 and “Sina China Top 30 Investors in 2017”.
With over 20-year experience in over 100 IPO and M&A deals, Mr. Sheng has built a top-tier M&A team in China’s capital market. As one of the few investors with experience in both capital market and early investment, Mr. Sheng has created a unique platform of full-element capital and industrial ecosystem for AngelPlus (Hongtai Fund).

Before founding AngelPlus (Hongtai Fund), Mr. Sheng served the Guangdong Securities Co., Ltd., Head & Shoulders Securities Limited, and Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. as president, and was the Vice Chairman of the All-China Youth Federation. He is now the Co-chairman of the National College Student Alliance for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practice, the Vice president of China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance, the member of Angel Fund Special Committee of Assets Management Association of China, the Chairman of Peking University entrepreneurship club, the Chairman of Nankai Startup Camp, the Referrer of Hupan University, Partner of Tsinghua Capital, etc. Mr. Sheng is also the part-time professor and student advisor of Tsinghua university, Peking university, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Beijing Jiaotong University, and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, etc.

Mr. Sheng has a master degree in Accounting from Nankai University, an EMBA degree from Peking University, an EMBA degree from PBC School of Finance of Tsinghua University, and a PHD degree in Management from Beijing Jiaotong University.