Simon Cheng
President X Financial
Mr. Shaoyong Cheng, a postgraduate of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, also obtained double Master’s Degrees of System Engineering and MBA from University of Southern California.

Upon graduation, Mr. Shaoyong Cheng was successively employed by two American banks listed in “Fortune 500”, and once took charge of risk management, consumer credit and SME financing in Capital One, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Asia Pacific Headquarter and Hang Seng Bank.

Mr. Shaoyong Cheng possesses over 20-year experience in risk management of large-scale financial institutions. Acting as the Deputy General Manager of Retail Credit Department of Bank of Communications, he was responsible for the product development, business advancement and risk management of retail credit services, including housing loan, auto loan, consumer loan and small business loan. In addition, he was appointed to be the Senior Vice President of the Risk Management Department of HSBC Asia Pacific, and ranked to be one of the youngest senior vice presidents of HSBC.

Since Jul. 2015, Shaoyong Cheng started to serve as the Chief Risk Officer in X Financial, and was appointed to be the President in 2017.