Seth Rubin
Co-FounderThe Market Protocol
Seth Rubin is a co-founder and CEO of MARKET Protocol. He began his career as a derivatives trader in 2005. He has traded on nearly every global futures exchange and has been a market maker in products, such as Thai Rubber, UK Gilts, Euribor, Short Sterling, and Eurodollars. Seth has founded and managed several 24-hour algorithmic trading desks covering the US, Europe and Asia. He first entered the crypto space in 2015 as a trader and later in 2016 began transitioning to the technology side. In early 2017, together with his two other co-founders began focusing entirely on MARKET Protocol (‘MARKET’).

MARKET provides the open source building blocks powering decentralized derivatives trading and exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain. MARKET addresses many issues with traditional centralized exchanges including security, custody of funds, exchange solvency and access controls. MARKET Protocol plans to deliver the framework allowing Traders to gain exposure to digital and real-world assets in a safe and trustless marketplace.