Rachel Carpenter
Founder & CEOIntrinio
Rachel is the Chief Executive Officer and a founding partner of Intrinio, a disruptive financial data marketplace launched in 2015. She has sat on both sides of the table in the financial information industry. Now an “insider” involved in disseminating data, she began as an outsider in need of financial data. Nearly three years ago, Rachel and her co-founder sat bewildered – a massive prototype of a valuation app in hand, with no funding and no access or control to the data they needed. After two years working through the night, sleeping on couches, and teaching themselves web development, they were out of options. Rather than calling it a day, they decided to build a platform to eliminate these barriers for future developers and provide them access to affordable financial data. Following a year dedicated to mastering code and becoming advanced programmers, Rachel and her co-founder built their prototype into a web application and a proprietary automated backend solution for gathering and standardizing financial data, which led to the launch of Intrinio. Intrinio provides investors, entrepreneurs and students with disruptively affordable access to high-quality financial data needed to forward their innovations. Intrinio covers over 350,000 global securities and offers 200+ different types of data. It is the only financial data provider available in the cloud and on Mac OS X — its cross-platform compatibility enables users to flexibly access the data anywhere, anytime, from any device. Monthly, a-la-carte pricing and instant chat support are helping to democratize access to data across the globe.

Rachel graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BBA in both Finance and Management/Human Resources and minors in Spanish and European Studies.