Katya Dorozhkina
Founding Partner, CEOStarta Ventures
Katya Dorozhkina and her team build successful global companies, contributes funds and other resources to foreign entrepreneurs at seed and pre-seed stages. She invested in and mentored 44 startups within Starta Ventures. Total investments attracted by Starta portfolio companies in 2017 exceeded $30M in both traditional VC rounds and crypto assets.

With over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in startup ecosystem and corporate world, Katya loves sharing her experience to mentor fast growing businesses and entrepreneurs.

In July 2017, together with Singapore partner, Starta successfully raised funds through Starta ICO to democratize venture capital fundraising and launched Token Rockets, a program for Blockchain startups: http://www.tokenrockets.com Later in 2017 all of these initiatives came under the umbrella of the Starta Ventures family. Katya received her Master's degree in International Economics and now she is a PhD candidate in Economics.

She is a published author of books on marketing and entrepreneurship. Ms Dorozhkina is a valuable contributor to Forbes magazine and other business publications.