Jose Neto
FounderBitCQR (Bit SECURE)
Jose Neto is a TOP 100 Cyber Security professional in the United States (US). As a former INFOSEC (Information Security) Special Agent with the government, he helped strengthen the cyber security posture of dozens of federal contractors ranging from small businesses to fortune 100 companies.

Throughout his military career, he has worked with various military branches (Air Force, ARMY, NAVY, Marines Corps, National Guard and Reserves). In the private sector, Jose has taught in various higher education institutions and universities. His true passion in teaching and mentoring college students in technology earned him the recognition of “Most Influential Instructor” for three consecutive years.

For the past three years, Jose has been researching Blockchain technologies for his Doctoral dissertation and research. His most significant empirical and scholarly contribution in the field of Blockchain technologies will be his research on “the critical factors that can accelerate the acceptance and adoption of blockchain solutions”.

In 2018, Jose is committed to educating the masses and raising awareness on the importance of cybersecurity in the emerging FINTECH industry of blockchains technologies.