Janine Firpo
Former Deputy DirectorBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Janine Firpo is an angel and aligned investor, who is working toward a more resilient and equitable economy. She recently left her position at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she served as Deputy Director, Digital Financial Services at Scale, for the Financial Services for the Poor team, to focus on bringing more female investors into the impact space.

A pioneer in Digital Financial Services (DFS), in 2002, Janine initiated and led a consortium of microfinance leaders to explore the role technology could play in dramatically increasing the scale of financial services to the poor. In 2008, she became one of the first mobile money experts and advisors to mobile network operators, financial institutions, and other early DFS entrants. In her role at the BMGF, Janine and her team designed philanthropic and impact investments to bring poor people out of poverty by leveraging DFS to bring them in the formal economy.

Janine has made a commitment to move all of her personal investments into asset classes, funds, and private placements that align with her values. She is also one of the lead investors in the Next Wave Impact Fund, an impact angel fund designed to help more women become angel investors.