James Andrew
Technical Director and Community Director Omega One
Currently working as Technical Director and Community Director at Omega One, building the world’s most advanced Cryptocurrency trading platform. James was deeply involved in the electronification of Wall Street, first as a “SOES” trader and then as operator of several large, high volume trading operations. At one point, James was responsible for the flawless execution of ten percent of NASDAQ’s daily trade volume. Then, in 2001, James became one of the first to define a new category of automated, high velocity trading, generally termed High Frequency Trading. His “Liquidity Engine” was the first NASDAQ automated market making system to route orders among the leading “ECN” markets. His system placed more daily orders on Bloomberg’s trade execution platform then all of their institutional clients combined. In 2013 James was an early adopter of Consumer Virtual Reality, quickly becoming a well known thought leader, conference presenter, and highly regarded designer of many iconic VR experiences. After a year and a half as Technical Director at New York’s largest VR company, James recognized the global and historical significance of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and made the move into the space by joining Omega One. James also runs one of the most active community oriented Crypto Telegram groups in the world - James’ Crypto Tree House.