Gerald Fahner
Analytic Science-Senior DirectorFICO
Dr. Gerald Fahner is Senior Principal Scientist in FICO's Scores division. He specializes on innovative algorithms that turn data and domain knowledge into superior insights, predictions, and decisions. Gerald is also responsible for the core algorithms underlying FICO's Scorecard development platform. His work on causal modelling won the Best Paper award at the Credit Scoring and Credit Control XI conference and was also awarded a patent. Gerald also holds patents in the areas of marketing analytics and analytic value chain modeling with his most recently awarded "Coupon Effectiveness Indices" patent for a scalable, automated, causal modeling-based technique to characterize customers by their differential and multi-dimensional responses to personalized coupon offerings. Prior to joining FICO in 1996, he served as a researcher in artificial intelligence, neural networks and robotics at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, and earned his Computer Science doctorate from University of Bonn.