Eyal Hertzog
Product ArchitectBancor Foundation
Mr. Hertzog is a venture-backed technology entrepreneur for over 20 years. He began his technology career in the Israeli army, where he served as an IT department manager for the Intelligence Corps. After leaving the military in 1997, he joined Class Data System as an application engineer. The company was later sold to Cisco for $50 million, and Mr. Hertzog invested his windfall from the deal into his first startup, Contact Networks, one of the first social networks in 1999. Later on, Eyal founded MetaCafe, Israel's fastest growing video sharing site that reached over 50m uniques at its peak.

Since 2014 Eyal has been working in the cryptocurrency space, beginning with AppCoin, empowering local communities with local currencies, and now Bancor Protocol, an on-chain, fully decentralized conversion solution between tokens connected to the network, through a low-cost, perpetual and adjustable smart contract liquidity mechanism. Bancor successfully completed a record-breaking token sale in June 2017, raising over $153 million for BNT, the Bancor Network Token, which serves as the hub connector for the Bancor Network™, a decentralized liquidity network allowing every integrated token to be instantly converted to any other, with no counterparty.

In addition, Eyal is a talented piano and bass musician, and enjoys windsurfing and snowboarding in his free time.