Evan Gentry
Founder & CEOMoney360
Evan Gentry is CEO/Founder of Money360, a tech-enabled direct lender specializing in commercial real estate. Evan is committed to revolutionizing commercial real estate finance by providing transparent and efficient lending. Gentry is an entrepreneur/innovator with a strong background in the application of technology to real estate, lending and investment industries. Prior to Money360, Gentry founded G8 Capital and MoneyLine Lending Services. G8 Capital, a private equity firm, acquired more than $700 million of distressed real estate loans and properties, and delivered 20%+ annualized returns to investors. Evan co-founded MoneyLine Lending Services (“MoneyLine”), which provides regional and national banks with outsourced mortgage lending services. Evan oversaw MoneyLine’s dramatic growth, eventually included 50 bank clients nationwide. MoneyLine was sold to Genpact, a spin-off of GE Capital. Evan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Finance from Brigham Young University.