David Moore
Director Industrial Design | Innovation Strategy ConsultancyZero Nine Design
As Director of Industrial Design David has created visionary designs of advanced technologies in consumer products, wearables, robotics and mechatronics. His designs have captured IP, disrupted industries and launched companies with investors such as SRI Ventures, Nike Ventures and Google’s Alphabet. David’s approach is best described as "designing what's coming after what's coming next". His transformative methodology has created strategic opportunities for businesses and ‘conscientious connections’ with users.

A graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design, Pasadena he co-founded San Francisco based Zero Nine Design, a design consultancy and visionary incubator. Clients have included; Verb Surgical, Inc., Google Life Sciences, J&J, The North Face, SRI Intl Robotics, DARPA, Easton Bell Sports, Panasonic, Nike, SRI Intl Biosciences, Philips Medical, Stanford University.

David also designs, writes and publishes WHEN Magazine an artifact of the future. Taking place 10 years in the future WHEN magazine is a calculated look at where our ideas about design, art, style and our love of objects is taking us.

Speaking: Oxford Leadership Development UK, American Manufacturing Summit ’16-‘17, Doha Innovation Summit, ’16 Annual Conference.

Teaching, Guest Lecturing: Stanford University, UC Bekeley Sociology, SFSU MBA, AAU, CCA, RCA, Domus.