Bill Panak
Vice President, Data Science HaloBI
Bill is VP of Data Science for Halo, a cloud-based data integration, reporting, forecasting, and advanced analytics platform. Halo is a subsidiary of American Software (NASDAQ: AMSWA), a leader in supply chain management software and professional services. Bill directs Halo’s Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare industry practices, and he consults across American Software’s portfolio of over 1100 enterprise customers who manage large and complex supply chains. Bill has focused on analytics and quantitative methods for over 30 years. This includes 13 years as a statistician team lead at Capital One and 3 years as VP for Analytics for a healthcare advanced analytics start-up (Predilytics) that was acquired by WellTok in 2015. Bill earned his PhD in Psychology with a concentration in research design and quantitative analysis. Bill is an advisor to the LendIt conference.