Aaron Silva
President & CEOPaladin fs, LLC
Aaron Silva is an entrepreneur, banking industry veteran, professional speaker and the President of Paladin fs, LLC – the community banking industry’s go-to core IT contract negotiating and fintech advising firm. After selling IT and core services to bankers across the U.S. for 18 years, Aaron had the epiphany that nobody had access to a resource of market intelligence and pricing data that could be used to level the negotiating playing field with core IT vendors. At a major disadvantage, bankers only get to restructure a core IT deal once every five to seven years, while vendors (like professional poker players) deal the cards thousands of times annually.

With this profound realization, Aaron founded Paladin fs in 2007 and it remains the only company in the United States with a Blue Book of pricing data on every core IT service provider nationally. Since then, his firm and research has helped bankers renegotiate vendor contracts, reducing non-interest expense by more than $220 Million and without a single core vendor change. Independent research firm BPI Network calculated Paladin fs reduces expenses by $1.4 Million per institution on average. Paladin fs is the only company in the industry that is 100% committed to driving greater cost efficiency into the core IT relationships, and investment bankers and lawyers routinely tap the company for expertise during bank mergers.

The company recently announced Alex Lopatine as its managing director of FinTech Advantage, a new division focused on assisting banks with procuring financial technology (fintech) needed to remain competitive and successful in the fast-evolving industry.

Aaron speaks constantly at banking and credit union events nationally and is a published writer on strategic and technology issues facing the industry. Aaron resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and two young children.