Understanding the Insurtech Landscape

Speakers include im Attia, Slice; Scott Walchek, Trōv; Assaf Wand, Hippo; Jamie Hale, Ladder; Moderator: Nahu Ghebremichael, Nerdwallet.

Insurtech has become one of the hotter terms in financial services the last couple of years as capital and partnerships dominate the space; at LendIt USA 2017 we hosted a panel of leading insurtech companies to talk about the different models in the market and the solutions they offer; panelists discuss why they chose their certain solution, who is taking the risk within their model and how they go beyond a more efficient distribution channel; the discussion also talked about regulatory issues when building their businesses and how important the user experience is to ensure customer satisfaction; what forces have made them look to disrupt the insurance space like availability of data, the ability to build a back end stack with the newer technology and the appetite of consumers for digital solutions.