Trump & Fintech Early Signs: Friend or Foe

Trump & Fintech Early Signs: Friend or Foe with Matt Mulder, Congressman Patrick McHenry's Staff; Lauren Oppenheimer, Senator Jeff Merkley's Staff; Travis Johnson, Eris Group; Moderator: Phillip Goldfeder, Cross River Bank.

LendIt USA 2017 included a panel discussion on early signs from the Trump administration regarding its perspective on fintech and plans for regulation involving the sector; the panel was sponsored by the Online Lending Policy Institute which is actively involved in regulatory proceedings involving fintech; Matt Mulder from Patrick McHenry’s staff discussed past initiatives from the congressman which are likely to be leading factors in the new administration; panelists felt that the Trump administration generally was in favor of fintech companies and their contributions to the economy and small business growth; factors discussed included Republican versus Democrat agendas, greater collaboration and coordination among regulators, a national fintech charter, educating regulators, steady legislative progressions, personnel appointed by the president, and near-term government priorities for financial services and the economy.