Risk Management & Credit Analysis for Mispriced Opportunities

Panel entitled, "Risk Management & Credit Analysis for Mispriced Opportunities." Panelists include: Brendan Ross, Direct Lending Investrments; Tom Rutledge, Magnetar Capital; Don Davis, Prime Meridian; Olivier D'Meza, Pine River; Peter Sterling, Coastland Capital; Moderator: Bill Ullman, Orchard. Recorded at LendIt USA 2017.

LendIt USA 2017 hosted a panel of institutional investors focused on investment opportunities with Direct Lending Investments, Magnetar Capital, Prime Meridian, Pine River, Coastland Capital and Orchard; panelists focused on their specific firm investment process and how they look at assets in the space; almost all of the panelists talked about incentive alignment, credit analysis techniques and how to evaluate a company you are looking to go into business with; other areas for discussion included how much yield will their investment return, how much risk are they willing to take, is the investment too generic or too specific, how do they handle conflicts of interest and does the company have sufficient skin in the game; understanding the investor mindset is something companies are always trying to do and this is an extremely knowledgeable group of investors to learn from.