Relative Value Strategies Across Credit

Panel entitled, "Relative Value Strategies Across Credit." Panelists include: . Recorded at LendIt USA 2017.

At LendIt USA 2017, a panel of investors, featuring a merchant bank, levered funds, a pooled credit shop and an asset manager, focused on value strategies across different asset classes; panelists defined how they view this space, whether some see this just as lending more efficiently or others who view the space as specialty finance; investors have the power to act with their wallets and not invest when loans do not perform; there was a broad discussion on different origination channels and underwriting strategies; there was a strong consensus that picking a trusted partner is the key; they also focused a fair amount on transparency from the originator to the investor, the more information shared with the investors the more comfortable they can be with the partnership; other discussion points included data integrity, fraud identification at different levels and the power of technology to level the playing field; these panelists gave good insight into how they view different asset classes and why they would choose to allocate capital.