Fireside Chat: Partnerships with Traditional Wealth Managers

Panel entitled, "Fireside Chat: Partnerships with Traditional Wealth Managers." Panelists include: Mike Sha, SigFig; Rich Cancro, AdvisorEngine; Aaron Klein, Riskalayze; Moderator: Ryan Neal, Wealth Management. Recorded at LendIt USA 2017.

There are many fintech firms who are partnering with wealth managers in different ways; SigFig has built a digital wealth platform to bring a modern approach to the wealth management business and has partnered with some large firms; Riskalayze believes investors tend to sabotage their investments by investing at inopportune times; company has built a Risk Number to quantify and help advisors determine how much their clients can handle while reaching goals; also has built a robo component to the product; AdvisorEngine’s goals are to help advisors transform their growth and connect advisors to their clients, transforming the experience by digitization; panelists share why they chose to pursue the path as a technology provider, their history in wealth management and why it makes sense to partner with wealth management firms.