Opportunities and Innovations in Commercial Real Estate

Panelists include: Ryan Williams, Cadre; Evan Gentry, Money360; Bill Fisher, Plum Lending; Moderator: John Maute, Money360.

Commercial real estate is seen as a business that is still done in the traditional way; that is beginning to change and at LendIt USA 2017 we hosted a panel with commercial real estate innovators; panelists talked about the solution they provide and the average asset size on their platforms; they discussed their decision and reasoning to choose to go the debt or equity route for their platforms; panelists also focused on why commercial real estate is ripe for innovation and how the financial crisis has hurt the old brands in banking; while looking at changing how the space operates, panelists also talked through the opportunities of collaboration with banks and some of the potential pitfalls of their businesses; other topics touched on were credit and underwriting, and size and scope of data sets.