The Latest Techniques in Identity Verification

Panel entitled, "The Latest Techniques in Identity Verification." Panelists include: Pat Phelan, Transunion; Dominick Marchetti, loanDepot; Shrikant Rode, ThreatMetrix; Adam Oaks, Idology; Thomas Wang, China Rapid Finance; Moderator: Mike Cook, XOR Exchange. Recorded at LendIt USA 2017.

The way we verify identity has changed dramatically over the last twenty years; what has changed the most is the amount of time companies can take in verifying identity since speed is such an important consideration for customers; on this panel we have representatives from online lending platforms in the US and China as well as service providers; platforms share how they deal with fraud losses and the unique ways they are able to combat fraud using alternative data sources; the service providers share the latest techniques in evaluating new customers; panelists also talk about identity fraud and synthetic fraud.