Automatic Savings: A Key to Financial Wellness

Panelists include: Manning Field, Acorns; George Friedman, Qapital; Moderator: Kathleen Utecht, Core Innovaton Capital.

Over 50% of Americans can not afford an unexpected expense of $400; at LendIt USA 2017 we hosted a fireside chat focused on helping Americans save; a key area that companies look at is an individual’s spending as a way to help change their behavior to save more; round up from the everyday coffee you buy or set goals through your lifestyle; each way can help individuals to better set aside money when needed, as well as invest for the future; technology today allows for companies to better help individuals who thought they were left out of the investment community; the chat also focused on why they believe as a startup they can help to solve the financial inclusion question as opposed to the incumbent banks; the discussion also touched on the future of their businesses, current partnerships with top consumer brands and potential add ons for their current product offerings.