Independent Marketplaces: The Future of SME Lending

Panel entitled, "Independent Marketplaces: The Future of SME Lending." Panelists include: John Donovan, Bizfi; Evan Singer, SmartBiz Loans; Levi King, Nav; Moderator: Bill Phelan, PayNet. Recorded at LendIt USA 2017.

The focus of the panel is on independent marketplaces and how they will affect the future of online SME lending; panelists provide details about their individual marketplaces and the offerings they provide with representation from Bizfi, SmartBiz Loans and Nav; historically SME loans have been expensive and process intensive for banks creating an underserved market with significant lending potential; the panelists provide insight on the need for a diverse set of offerings to attract small business customers and the potential that independent marketplaces have in expanding SME access to credit.