If I Were to Start A Bank Today, This is What It Would Look Like - by QED's Nigel Morris

By QED's Nigel Morris.

There is a debate going on today about what the future looks like for banks; at LendIt USA 2017 we hosted a keynote speech by Capital One Founder Nigel Morris to talk about this future; there is no clear cut winner, banks and fintechs won't win operating as they currently do; they need to strike a balance between resiliency and flexibility to be able to survive in the long term; banks have not seen a return on equity to pre crisis levels, interest rate rises will help but they are also seeing top level talent leave; fintech companies, in most cases, are focused on one financial product and cost of capital is extremely high; they both operate at what Nigel explains is the fragile extremes; Nigel goes through the different types of banks and fintech companies currently in the market, how they operate and what they are looking to change to become a more attractive firm in the long term; he calls this the QED Matrix and trying to get the different quadrants working together can help the different firms move to the middle to become more flexible and resilient.