How Incumbents View Disrupters & Technological Innovation

Panelists include: Drew Aldrich, AXA Strategic Ventures; Russell MacTough, Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures ; Andrew Pitz, Transamerica Ventures; Mark Batsiyan, Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures; Moderator: Prashanth Gangu, Oliver Wyman.

Insurtech companies have begun trying to take market share away from the incumbent insurers; at LendIt USA 2017 we hosted a panel of venture groups from traditional insurers to get their viewpoint on the trends in the market; panelists discuss the real meaning of disruption and what it really means in the insurance market; the ease of technology is allowing smaller groups of people with reasonable means of capital the ability to be a disruptive force in the market; technology has also made existing distribution channels run more efficiently and has helped the underwriting process become less time intensive; they also talk about how new technologies are helping to solve some of the bigger issues in insurance today; panelists also touch on the ability of bigger insurance firms to be able to partner with startups to get technology and their talent on board without having to build out new technologies from within; other topics discussed include regulatory structure in the US and what the partnership parties are looking to get out of partnership deals.