How to Apply Tech to Asset Based Lending

Panel entitled, "How to Apply Tech to Asset Based Lending." Panelists include: Jeffrey Rogers, LiftForward; Miles Herman, Leaf; Charles Anderson, Currency Capital; Paul DeDomenico, InterNex Capital; Moderator: Bob Trojan, Financial Services Insights. Recorded at LendIt USA 2017.

Moderator Bob Trojan from Financial Services Insights points out that historically losses of asset based lending bounce around zero, going up to 1% during the financial crisis making it an attractive asset class; some companies represented on the panel are newer entrants and others have been in the space for quite some time, but all of them are forward thinking when it comes to implementing technology in their businesses; panelists share how they use technology internally as well as how they've used it to improve the end user experience; also comment on the challenges they faced in doing so.