The Future of Financing & Vehicle Purchases

Panel entitled, "The Future of Financing & Vehicle Purchases." Panelists include: Jonathan Palan, AutoFi; Serge Vartanov, AutoGravity; Danny Martinez, Blinker; Brad Rogers, RouteOne; Sam Ellis, DriverUp; Moderator: Craig Schleicher, PwC. Recorded at LendIt USA 2017.

Auto finance is a key asset class that is ripe for disruption, at LendIt USA 2017 we hosted a panel on the future of car financing; the panel featured a mix of traditional players in the space and new startups that are looking to streamline the consumers experience in buying a car; panelists cover direct versus indirect financing, customers being able to use their mobile device to search for financing options and how lenders are currently competing for the dealers business; the new startups in the market talked about how to build out an experience for the correct type of customer and offering more transparency for consumer and investors; though auto financing is still done through the dealer, these companies are beginning to give the consumer more choice when looking for their next vehicle purchase.