Building Next Generation Investment Portfolios

Panel entitled, "Building Next Generation Investment Portfolios." Panelists include: Robert Cortright, DriveWealth; James Waldinger, Artivest; Javier Benson, Realty Shares; Bo Brustkern, NSR Invest; Rashmi Singh, Ernst & Young; Moderator: Lex Sokolin, Autonomous Research. Recorded at LendIt USA 2017.

Panel explores what makes a next generation investment product, getting perspectives from a wide variety of firms who provide products and services; panelists talk about where we are at when it comes to the asset class and the opportunities that still lie ahead; Artivest shares that they are focused on the delivery mechanism as opposed to changing the ways they structure securities; RealtyShares’ Javier Benson noted that the underlying asset being real estate is the same but they’ve been able to make slight modifications to the structure, bringing tech and product together; others share the tech, automation and workflows they use in their business today.