The Blockchain Will Revolutionize How Multinationals Finance - by Dianrong's Soul Htite

Soul Htite of Dianrong talks about his company’s lending platform which includes loans for Chinese consumers and SMEs; he talks about the company’s interest in innovation and solving financing problems for businesses; he announces a new service the company has created with FnConn, financing arm of manufacturer Foxconn, to help support working capital for supply chain companies which experience challenges from varying timeframes for accounts payable and have varying levels of data for underwriting; the solution is built with blockchain and can provide financing within hours; the two companies have created a service that can provide financing for all of a company’s needs from multiple lenders on the platform; it will focus on supply chain companies in car and electronics manufacturing and has the potential to revolutionize finance for supply chain; the new solution is called Chained Finance and will be the first blockchain solution for supply chain finance.

View the slides here.