How the Blockchain Will Impact Custody, Clearing, Settlements, & Bank Payments

Panel entitled "How the Blockchain Will Impact Custody, Clearing, Settlements, & Bank Payments." Speakers include Fredrik Voss, Nasdaq; Eric Piscini, Deloitte; Andrew Keys, ConsenSys; Chris Church, Digital Asset Holdings; Ryan Zagone, Ripple; Moderator: Michael del Castillo, CoinDesk. Recorded at LendIt USA 2017.

Many companies are exploring the use of blockchain technology; the panel discusses what exactly the blockchain is and the differences between public and private blockchains; some panelists believe that in a highly regulated environment such as banking where there are KYC and AML considerations that private blockchains will be more commonly used; others feel like security is just the consideration for public blockchains to be used in regulated environments while others believe there are use cases for both; panel also talks about the network effect of blockchain where many companies are thinking really big, but starting really small; potential applications of the blockchain on lending, why companies should focus on solving one problem at a time with blockchain and how the panelists have applied the technology in their business are also covered.