LendIt USA 2017

The World’s Biggest Show in Lending and Fintech

March 6th - 7th • Jacob Javits Center • New York City

The Fintech Universe
Blockchain, Insurtech, Digital Wealth, Fintech AI & Biometrics

The Fintech Revolution. What started in 2005 with online peer-to-peer consumer loans has quickly moved into almost every area of financial services. The Fintech Universe will cover the latest topics in this revolution: Blockchain, Insurtech, Digital Wealth Management and Fintech AI & Biometrics.

Highlighted Speakers:
  • Blockchain:
    • Fredrik Voss, Nasdaq Blockchain Innovation VP
    • Patrick Byrne, tØ CEO
    • Caitlin Long, Symbiont Chairman & President
  • Insurtech:
    • Scott Walchek, Trōv CEO
    • Jamie Hale, Ladder CEO
    • Drew Aldrich, AXA Strategic Ventures
  • Digital Wealth:
    • Vinod Raman, Fidelity Digital Solutions VP
    • Mike Sha, SigFig Wealth Management CEO
  • <<<<<<< Updated upstream Fintech AI & Biometrics:
    • Douglas Merrill, ZestFinance
    • Ohad Samet, TrueAccord
    • ======= AI:
      • Vinod Raman, Fidelity Digital Solutions VP
      • Mike Sha, SigFig Wealth Management CEO
      • >>>>>>> Stashed changes

    Who should Attend?

    These tracks is designed for all attendees, especially fintech innovators, investors (fund managers, pensions, endowments, foundations, family offices), banks (commercial, regional, investment, digital), insurance companies (property & casualty, life, health, auto), wealth managers and financial advisors.

14 track sessions
60 track speakers
30+ keynote speakers
4 topic tracks
375+ event speakers
5,000+ total attendees
Blockchain Track
  • Large Scale Blockchain Projects
  • Using Blockchain to Record Syndicated Loans and Credit Default Swaps
  • Capital Markets and the Blockchain
Digital Wealth Management Track
  • Deep Dive on This Growing Asset Class
  • The Future Investment Portfolio
  • Institutional Investors Explain How to Invest in Loans for Attractive Returns
Insurtech Track
  • Current Insurtech Innovations
  • How New Insurtech Companies are Affecting the Traditional Insurers
Fintech AI & Biometrics Track
  • Identity Verification using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • AI Technology as a Replacement for Human Decision Making
  • Biometric Technology & Security

Our 5,000+ LendIt attendees offer a diverse mix from all corners of the fintech universe.
Fintech Universe is just one topic in our 2017 agenda that is pushing the boundaries of financial innovation.
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