Wei Wei
Partner & COOUp Financial
Wei Wei currently serves as the COO of Beijing Zhengda Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (Up Financial), and has ten years of experience in internet product marketing and operating. She previously served as mobile microblogging project director at China Mobile, and as cloud computing operation expert at Alibaba.

Ms. Wei’s expertise lies in the building of online user database operational models, and the landing of big data’s commercial values, which focuses on the establishment of a complete and comprehensive internet-operating ecological chain.

Upon joining Up Financial, she found herself committed to the platform’s business growth and product innovation, and helped the Company achieve a gross revenue landmark of 20 billion Yuan in 2017. With its robo advisory “Geometric Stocks” successfully launching online, Up Financial is making a strategic turn from mobile towards intelligent investment advisories.

Wei Wei was honored as “The Annual Figure of Internet Finance in China” at the 5th Investor Conference, hosted by CCTV Securities News Channel in 2015.