Wayne Crane
Executive Vice President of Business Development & Capital Markets Summit Amerifirst
Wayne M. Crane is the Executive Vice President of Business Development and Capital Markets for SAF Holdings, LLC. SAF, under its subsidiaries, Summit Consumer Receivables Acquisitions and AmeriFirst Home Improvement Finance, both originates and purchases quality performing consumer accounts receivables on a bulk and flow basis. In his role, he is responsible for asset acquisition, and for negotiating lines of credit, securitizations, and capital formation.

With over 37 years of experience, including the FDIC in Washington, and Indianapolis as a Bank Examiner, he was as an officer with Bank One (now Chase). Crane is a former Bank One (now Chase) alumni, and a former Sterling Bancorp executive in New York City. He was also an executive at Carmel Financial Corporation, a boutique nationwide finance company.

Wayne Crane is a graduate of Indiana University.