Vivi Wei
Partner & COOUp Financial
Ms. Wei has ten-years of practical experience in operations in the Internet products market. She was former operations director for the CMCC Weibo project, and Alibaba’s cloud computing project. She’s an expert in building and operating online user models, achieving the commercial value of big data, and specialized in establishing a comprehensive ecosystem chain for financial Internet operations.

After joining Up Financial, she’s applied herself to platform business growth and product innovation, having achieved a business volume of up to 20 billion RMB in 2016. In that same year, with the launch of a smart investment research project “Ji He Gu Piao,” Up Financial successfully completed the strategic transformation from being mobile-oriented to intelligentized function.

Ms. Wei was awarded “Person of the Year in Internet Finance” during the 5th Chinese Investment Summit held by CCTV Securities Information in 2015.