Richard Cordray
Prior to joining the Bureau, Richard Cordray served on the front lines of consumer protection as Ohio’s Attorney General. Mr. Cordray recovered more than $2 billion for Ohio’s retirees, investors, and business owners and took major steps to help protect its consumers from fraudulent foreclosures and financial predators. To recognize his work on behalf of consumers as Ohio Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau presented Mr. Cordray with an award for promoting an ethical marketplace.
Mr. Cordray also served as Ohio Treasurer and Franklin County Treasurer, two elected positions in which he led state and county banking, investment, debt, and financing activities. As Ohio Treasurer, he resurrected a defunct economic development program that provides low-interest loan assistance to small businesses to create jobs, re-launched the original concept as GrowNOW, and pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into access for credit to small businesses.
Richard Cordray is a graduate of Michigan State University, Oxford University, and the University of Chicago Law School.