Liang Hu
Co-Founder & CTOKuainiu Group, Ni Shuyin
Liang Hu is the co-founder and CTO of Qianshengqian Financial Information Service Company, one of the leading FinTech companies in China. He has profound knowledge and rich field experience in the architecture of massive internet services.

Hu worked for Tencent for nine years, leading the data operation and management team for the company’s social networking businesses. He once led a team of eleven in running data operation and management for all social networking businesses. Liang was also responsible for data modeling selection and optimization, planning of operation and maintenance, cost control, process control, and automation building. He succeeded in bringing data operation and maintenance to the most advanced level at both Tencent and within the industry, as evidenced by 15,000 servers, 30 million/second visits, and 150T user data.

Liang Hu also headed complex data architecture network and big data research for Tencent’s social networking businesses.