Kevin Lee
Executive ChairmanDidit
Kevin Lee is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Didit - a leading digital marketing and technology firm. Since 1996, Didit has been helping clients win, across industries from the Fortune 500 to startups and mid-sized businesses, by focusing on the principle of “Marketing is Everything”. While Didit is most well knows as a search marketing boutique, Didit has made 10 acquisitions to transform itself into a full-service marketing firm and consultancy.  Kevin also co-founded which has generated $8+ million for nonprofits, all through cause marketing. Kevin Lee is a true Digital Marketing pioneer and gives back to the industry regularly with four books, 500+ speaking engagements, and 780+ published columns, as well as being a founding Board Member.  As an inventor of several platforms and technologies, many in the industry see him as a mad-scientist of marketing.