Jonathan Hakim
President & CEOCignifi Inc.
Jonathan Hakim is President and CEO of Cignifi Inc. Cignifi’s big data platform delivers credit and marketing scores for consumers using their mobile phone behavior. The Cignifi platform qualifies millions of underserved consumers who lack traditional credit histories, unlocking a massive opportunity to provide them with credit, insurance and savings products.

Mr. Hakim is an experienced CEO and technology entrepreneur. His previous ventures include Azima DLI, an information services company providing web-based remote monitoring and diagnostics for industrial equipment. Mr. Hakim spent eight years as Managing Director at Lehman Brothers, holding senior positions in London and New York, where he was responsible for the firm’s leveraged finance business with emerging-market telecom and media companies.

Mr. Hakim also served as a Director of the International Finance Corporation in Washington DC. Prior to his career in investment banking, Mr. Hakim spent four years as Banking Correspondent with The Economist magazine. He was educated at Oxford University and the London School of Economics.