David Wilson
Senior AdvisorDeloitte
Dave Wilson joined Deloitte in 2014 as a senior advisor to its Governance, Regulatory and Risk Strategies team. He has 37 years of regulatory and industry experience, specializing in credit and overall risk management issues. Prior to joining Deloitte, Dave served in a number of capacities with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), including Examiner-in-Charge of two banks in the Large Bank Supervision portfolio, Deputy Comptroller for Credit and Market Risk Policy, and Chief National Bank Examiner. He provided advice and counsel to the Comptroller and other OCC Executive Managers and was heavily involved in policy development and the regulatory rulemaking processes following the Dodd-Frank Act. Dave participated in the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) process and was the OCC representative on FSOC’s Systemic Risk Committee. He chaired the FFIEC’s Task Force on Supervision and the OCC’s National Risk Committee. Dave also spent several years with First Interstate Bancorp (now part of Wells Fargo) as a Regional Credit Review Manager, then as an Executive Vice President and Senior Credit Review Officer. Dave has served as a speaker and presenter to numerous industry, Congressional, and regulatory groups.