Cato Pastoll
CEOLending Loop
Cato Pastoll is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lending Loop, Canada’s first peer-to-peer lending platform. Cato previously served as the Executive Vice President of a medium-sized software consulting business. In addition to holding a senior management position, he attained experience building and managing robust commercial applications. His previous endeavors also include his time developing a loan evaluation and management solution for a private mortgage lender.

Cato’s vision is to leverage technology to eradicate the inefficiencies in traditional banking and participate in the creation of a fairer financial ecosystem. He is confident that that peer-to-peer platforms like Lending Loop will help democratize investing and give real value to its’ end-users by giving them access to both simple and attractive financial returns.

Cato Pastoll firmly believes that the true peer-to-peer lending model will also help underserved borrowers receive much deserved access to fair and affordable financing.