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This year’s agenda is expanding with the industry to cover the hottest topics in lending and fintech. Our 150+ sessions explore insurtech, blockchain, bank partnerships, financial inclusion, wealth management and more!
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The Networking Advantage
In addition to our Event App, our new offerings include: 1-to-1 Meetings Tool, Expo Hall Tours, Office Hours (VC, Banks, Fund Managers), a Meeting Concierge Program and Power Hour Networking Breaks.
Keynote Sessions
20+ keynote speakers will present on the hot topics including insurtech, bank partnerships, blockchain, wealth management, capital markets trends and more. See track info below
Agenda Tracks
Eight fintech themes organize 20 specialized tracks into 150+ sessions to allow for more time per session — panels and high interest sessions will run for up to 50 minutes.
Expo Hall
Lead generation and deal-making buzz will fill the 100,000 square feet expo hall, where 200+ sponsors/exhibitors will present their innovations, products and services.
Special Events
Bank Partnerships, Financial Inclusion and Fund Management have earned their own tracks as these topics dominate the industry. Plus, Company Demos and PitchIt returns!
Industry Awards Ceremony
We're excited to be hosting the first annual LendIt Industry Awards. We invite you to complete a nomination application in one or more of 18 award categories.
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Agenda Overview
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Track Overview
    Agenda Tracks
  • Innovation in Lending
    Innovations in Lending is part of LendIt’s core competencies. Marketplace lenders (originally known as P2P) come to LendIt each year to connect with the leaders in the industry and to meet innovators blazing new trails. These tracks cover the issues facing platforms today and how these platforms assess risk when extending credit to small businesses and consumers. Innovations in Lending will cover three tracks of content:
    • Consumer Lending
    • Small Business Lending
    • Credit & Underwriting
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  • Policy & Regulation
    Sponsored by Online Lending Policy Institute (OLPI)
    The Policy & Regulation track, in partnership with the Online Lending Policy Institute (OLPI), will take a look at the latest issues on policy & regulation and what a new administration in Washington means for online lending. Experts will discuss the OCC limited charter, recent game changing regulatory developments, true lender and the Madden case, and what the early signs indicate about the Trump administration’s plans for fintech companies.
  • The Fintech Universe
    The Fintech Revolution. What started in 2005 with online peer-to-peer consumer loans has quickly moved into almost every area of financial services. This category features leading companies and experts on these innovative topics, while also helping attendees understand where the innovation is headed. The Fintech Universe will cover four tracks of content:
    • Blockchain
    • Insurtech
    • Digital Wealth Management
    • Fintech AI & Biometrics
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  • A Global Perspective
    The global perspective track looks at specific countries and regions outside the U.S. These tracks will highlight interesting international fintech companies and emerging markets. Companies from Canada, China, India, Latin America and the UK will explore the latest innovation in those local fintech markets and will provide insight on how the markets compare on a global scale.
  • Financial Inclusion
    The financial inclusion track will look to discuss the current innovative ideas and regulatory proposals that are helping the underbanked gain access to capital. LendIt realizes the importance of helping people out of poverty, this track will cover topics focusing on expansion of credit, empowering women entrepreneurs, auto savings apps to improve your financial life and the effects of predatory lending on the most vulnerable. Learn More
  • Training for Staff
    Training for staff sessions is one of the new and exciting options for attendees, executives and staff will get the chance to learn from industry experts to help make improvements to the way their firms do business. It is important to note we view these sessions as an interactive experience where attendees are given talking points to discuss with each other and the session leaders. We will have the enlisted help of professional trainers to ensure these sessions are interactive and help the audience learn. Training for Staff will cover two tracks of content:
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Technology & Operations
  • Innovation in Real Estate
    Marketplace lending has quickly followed into the real estate market with platforms simplifying real estate investing and making it accessible to everyone. Platforms offering equity deals allow investors to maintain a fractional ownership in a property while secured loan deals are simply loans made to a real estate investor. In addition, new technology is making the online mortgage process simple, fast and transparent for both borrowers and investors. Innovations in Real Estate will cover two tracks of content:
    • Digital Mortgages
    • Residential and Commercial Real Estate
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  • Bank Technology
    Bank technology is changing rapidly; we will examine why partnerships can benefit banks and fintech companies, the different types of partnerships available and how some of these partnerships are structured. We will also delve into why partnerships can be especially beneficial to midsize and regional banks. Attendees in this track will also learn about how technology is transforming the banking system itself, banks currently use old systems and understanding how to update your legacy technology will help keep your bank competitive. Bank Technology will cover two tracks of content:
    • Bank Partnerships
    • Digital Banking
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  • The Investor’s Perspective
    Now is the time for the investment community to learn about the direct lending asset class, which is one of the most compelling segments within the private credit spectrum. Participate in this track and gain a deeper understanding about what investors and funds think about the asset class, where they can get the best return, and how to best allocate their capital. Additionally, accredited investors will get a chance to hear fund managers pitch their funds for investment. The Investor’s Perspective will cover four tracks of content:
    • Investor Insights
    • Structured Products
    • Asset Based Financing for Equipment & Auto
    • Fund Manager Presentations (Accredited Investors Only)
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