Paul Cheng
SVP & GM, MarketplaceGimbal, Inc.
Paul Cheng is currently SVP & GM, Marketplaces at Gimbal, Inc. which acquired Phigital, Inc., an early stage technology company where Paul was the co-founder and CEO. Previously, Paul served in a number of executive roles at Velti plc, a pioneer in mobile advertising and marketing. From 2007-2011, he served as the VP and SVP of Corporate Development where he was responsible for all M&A and Strategic Partnerships. Paul also served as Chief Product Officer and General Manager of the Asia Pacific Revenue Unit. While fulfilling his Corporate Development role at Velti, Paul was also co-GM of North America. Prior to Velti, Paul was co-founder of three companies: Asylum Telecom (sold to Gamma Telecom in 2006); Klarium, a European mobile payments company (sold to Allaxia SpA); and Adero, a Content Distribution Network (sold to Colt Telecom and Inktomi in 2001). In addition, Paul was recruited to Budapest, Hungary to assist in the turnaround of Graphisoft, one of Hungary’s first and most successful software companies (sold to Nemetchek AG in 2006).