Nigel Morris
Managing PartnerQED Investors
Nigel Morris is the co-founder and managing partner of QED Investors, a direct investment fund focused on high-growth companies that leverage the breakthrough power of data strategies in fintech. Nigel and his partners at QED are world renowned for their dexterity and prowess in the consumer technology and lending spaces – as evidenced by QED’s early stage investments in numerous industry leaders including Credit Karma, ClearScore, SoFi, Green Sky, Avant, China Rapid Finance, Prosper, and Media Math. Formerly, Nigel served on numerous board including Capital One, the Economist, Brookings, National Geographic, Transunion and London Business School. Prior to venture investing, Nigel co-founded Capital One Financial Services in 1994. Under Nigel’s leadership as President and Chief Operating Officer, Capital One pioneered an information-based strategy that fundamentally transformed the consumer lending industry. Combining advanced statistical marketing techniques with nascent information technologies, the company reduced costs to conventional borrowers, extended capital to overlooked consumers, expanded internationally, and produced extraordinary returns for investors.

Nigel has a B.Sc. with honors in Psychology from the East London University and a M.B.A. with distinction from London Business School, where he is also a Fellow.